Executive Board

AESD Executive Board

The AESD Executive Board and superintendents (front row l-r): Carl Johnson, ESD 114; Bruce Wildfang, ESD 123; Superintendent Tim Merlino, ESD 112; Rob Beem, Puget Sound ESD; Cathy Meuret, North Central ESD; Superintendent Larry Francois, ESD 189; Rick Anthony, ESD 113; and Gene Sharratt, OSPI/AESD Network Executive Director of Network Initiatives. Back row (l-r): Superintendent John Welch, PSESD; Superintendent Mike Dunn, NEWESD 101; Superintendent Darcy Weisner, ESD 123; Superintendent Kevin Chase, ESD 105; Mark Grassel, ESD 105; Gary Coe, NEWESD 101; Merle Kirkley, ESD 189; Superintendent Dana Anderson, ESD 113; Superintendent Rich McBride, North Central ESD; Superintendent Greg Lynch, ESD 114; and Rainer Houser, ESD 112.

Executive Assistance

AESD Network
Dr. Gene Sharratt
Executive Director of Statewide Initiatives
tel: 509.670.3222

285 Technology Center Way
Wenatchee, WA 98801

AESD Executive Services
Melissa Gombosky

tel: 360.943.5717
fax: 360.352.2043

825 5th Street S.E.
Olympia, WA 98501

Logan Endres, Policy Asistant
tel: 360.252.3018
fax: 360.493.9247

221 College Street NE
Olympia, WA 98516-5313


AESD Constitution

Revised April 2016

AESD Resolution No. 1

Adopted April 23, 2004

AESD Strategic Plan (PPT)

Revised November 4 2017 for AESD Executive Committee November 2017

WSAC Strategic Plan

STEP UP Internal Plan

AESD Strategic Plan Work

2005/06 – 2010/11