Professional Learning

Providing equitable learning

The AESD network of nine ESDs serve as a foundational delivery system that supports high quality and equitable professional learning for educators and education leaders across the state.

Continuous Learning Supports

The nine ESDs are helping school districts to evolve their systems and instructional practices during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering statewide professional learning that supports distance learning.

Statewide Professional Learning Initiatives

Teams from the AESD and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) work closely to support high quality instruction through professional learning opportunities and networks, instructional and coaching supports, and customized technical assistance at the local and regional levels.

Professional Learning News

IPP Year 2: Shifting mindsets and creating conditions for change

As we begin this school year, there is a mix of joy and uncertainty with a desire to get back to the comfort and predictability of our classrooms. As educators, we know strong relationships, increased flexibility, and student choice are key tenants in meeting the...

Regional, state efforts underway to improve classroom inclusion

Regional, state efforts underway to improve classroom inclusion

Currently, the state of Washington is ranked as one of the nation’s least inclusive states (44 out of 50), but educators from across Southwest Washington and the rest of the state are actively working to change that. The Washington Association of Educational Service...