What is OpenSciEd?

OpenSciEd is a free, high quality, NGSS-aligned secondary science curriculum. The materials are an Open Education Resource (OER), meaning they are free for all educators and students to use, customize, and share. Elementary-level curriculum is coming soon.

A state-wide partnership to accelerate student learning

The OpenSciEd WA project is led by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in close collaboration with the nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs), united as the Association of ESDs or AESD Network. The project is designed to support and accelerate student learning in secondary science programs. The ESD Regional Science Coordinators work together as a state team with OSPI to support teacher and administrator professional learning in newly developed and aligned OpenSciEd science learning materials for grades 6-12.

The AESD Network serves as a project management and coordinator for the statewide project by facilitating and hosting professional learning events; providing technical assistance and support for implementation; establishing structures for teacher networking across the state; and informing the development of additional instructional and assessment materials.


Beginning in 2018, Washington State, along with several other partner states, began field testing the OpenSciEd Middle School (MS) curriculum. In the next 3 years, teachers and students gave feedback on these field test units and they were revised and reviewed by the NGSS peer review panel. In Spring 2022, the full curriculum was released to the public as an Open Education Resource.

Expanding on the success of the middle school units, OpenSciEd began the field test of their high school curriculum in summer of 2021. Once again, Washington State agreed to participate in the project and has 36 teachers from around the state engaging in the biology, chemistry, and physics courses. Funding to support the MS and HS field test has been provided by the ClimeTime grant.


Professional Development

As more teachers across WA state access OpenSciEd materials, there is a great need for ongoing professional development in these materials. Expansion of OpenSciEd professional development is funded through the ESSER Secondary Science Pathways grant and the Williams foundation.

Please explore this site to learn about all the professional development opportunities occurring in WA state.

Join a growing community of OpenSciEd teachers

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Vancouver Summer Institute - July 25-29, 2022

HS OpenSciEd Field Test Round 4

Access is restricted to field test teachers only. If you are interested in becoming a WA state OpenSciEd HS field test teacher, please contact Will Baur.

View Agenda

Wenatchee Summer Institute - August 8-12, 2022

OpenSciEd Equitable Assessment Project - August 18-19, 2022

OpenSciEd Community of Practice

September 27th @ 4-5:30 pm
October 25th @ 4-5:30 pm
November 29th @ 4-5:30 pm

Learn more and register >

OpenSciEd Initial Use Trainings

Dates coming soon

  • 6.4: Plate Tectonics and Rock Cycling
  • 6.5: Natural Hazards
  • 6.6: Cells and Systems
  • 7.4: Matter Cycling and Photosynthesis
  • 7.5: Ecosystem Dynamics
  • 7.6: Earth’s Resources and Human Impact
  • 8.4: Earth in Space
  • 8.5: Genetics
  • 8.6: Natural Selection and Common Ancestry

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OpenSciEd Contacts

If you can’t get in touch with Will Baur, try connecting with your ESD’s regional science coordinator to learn about other educators using OpenSciEd in your region.

Will Baur

WA ESD Network OpenSciEd Project Manager / Teacher Leader