Legislative Priorities

2020 AESD Legislative Agenda

The Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) works closely with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to provide a strong, coordinated support system, accessible to every school district. Evidence of successful statewide initiatives that promote equitable access to services and impact student achievement include the implementation of educator professional development, and the School Nurse Corps.

Early Learning


In 2019, the Legislature passed HB 1216, designed to increase school safety and student well-being. As a result, Educational Service Districts (ESDs) have established Regional School Safety Centers across the state and are helping school districts implement threat assessment programs.


The AESD requests an increased investment to support behavioral health and safety planning to fully implement HB 1216 and the statewide network for school safety.

Early Learning


The AESD Network is uniquely poised to improve school readiness across the state. ESDs prepare children for kindergarten and ensure success through 3rd grade by increasing access to high quality early learning programs. ESDs are actively involved in the state’s major PK-3rd grade early learning programs and initiatives.


The AESD requests an investment to support regional early learning coordination that will solidify a strong, equitable, and high-quality early learning support network through coordinated early learning services and professional development for early learning practitioners, teacher leaders, and PK–3rd-grade administrators.

Early Learning


The Legislature requires ESDs to carry out many “core” activities critical to the operation of the state’s public schools. The funding for most of these activities adjusts for inflation. But for some, like the School Nurse Corps, the funding is “fixed.”


The AESD requests an adjustment to the funding formula for school district support services that accounts for increased costs over time (inflation).

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