Computer Science

What is WINforCS?

Washington Integration Network for Computer ScienceWINforCS is the Washington Integration Network for Computer Science. CS leaders from all 9 Educational Service Districts, in partnership with OSPI, work together throughout the year to promote equitable computer science education for all students across Washington state.

We work toward this goal by raising awareness, providing professional learning opportunities, facilitating strategic planning for CS implementation, and acting as a technical resource for our districts.

Our Projects

WINforCS engages in projects across Washington state to promote the equitable provision of computer science education in all grade levels. Our fundamental projects include the following:

CS Implementation

WINforCS leaders offer computer science implementation support for districts in their regions.


The Strategic CSforALL Resource and Implementation Planning Tool (“SCRIPT”) is a framework used to guide the creation of customized implementation plans to meet the goals and needs of school districts that are seeking to create computer science education (“CSed”) plans.

WINforCS Network Meetings

The #WINforCS network is comprised of computer science experts and educators from across the state of Washington and meets on a regular basis to share successes with one another.

CS Pathways Development

CS Leaders assist districts and educators in developing courses and supplemental learning experiences that are aligned with different career pathways.

Book Studies

AESD CS Leaders facilitate book studies and provide books to help classroom teachers integrate CS into their curricula.


CS Leaders in each region form partnerships with regional, state, and national organizations to increase opportunities for professional learning and student CS learning.

Professional Learning Opportunities