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Inclusionary Practices Project

The AESD Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) supports coordinated professional learning for school leadership teams. The project’s purpose is to support educators and school leaders with developing and implementing sustainable systems, structures, and practices that support all students with meaningful access and engagement in inclusive learning environments.

Inclusion in the classroom

Currently, Washington is one of the nation’s least inclusive states, ranking 44 out of 50 for inclusivity. Inclusion is the belief and practice that all students have the right to meaningfully access academic and social opportunities in general education settings. It’s also a vision and philosophy based on the fundamental belief that all children are competent, capable, and should be held to high expectations.

Students with disabilities, especially those with an individual education plan (IEP) are often excluded from core instruction.

AESD’s Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) seeks to address educational inequities experienced by students with an IEP by supporting professional learning for school leadership teams that focus on creating more inclusive education environments using the lens of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

This video interview highlights the journey school teams in Washington State are taking to improve and increase inclusionary practices. Educators and parents share the importance of inclusive education and the impact it is having on their students, families, and staff.

Project Goals

More students in general ed classrooms for more time.

More effective teacher instruction.

Improved student engagement & increased opportunity for social/emotional skill building.

Increased statewide support for inclusive practices.

Remote learning options include:

  • Support: Our regional coordinators are available to help school leaders support their staff in IPP professional learning, including remote learning related to COVID-19.
  • Professional Learning: More than 12 courses are offered to improve inclusionary practices with synchronous and asynchronous options for engagement.
  • Access: Participants will have access to a digital repository of materials to support their learning.
  • Engage: Increase your school team’s engagement with personalized learning opportunities.

Enroll in live and self-directed professional learning courses

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Additional Resources & Information

OSPI’s Competitive Grant Application

If you are looking for more opportunities and support outside of our AESD Inclusionary Practices Project, you can apply to this grant.

Regional Coordinators

If your district is interested in participating in this project, or for more information, please contact your regional coordinator or Cassie Stevens, Project Director.

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