Artificial Intelligence in K-12

Networking and Learning for Leaders

In fall 2023 we launched a series of three statewide networking and learning sessions that bring together school and district system leaders to elevate and explore top of mind AI issues in our K-12 system together.

Each session engaged school/district leaders in:

Shared learning

District networking and sharing (breakout sessions)

Resource sharing and additional learning opportunities for educators to access

Session Materials

Session 1: Bringing AI to School Systems – Support for Leaders - October 30, 2023

This first session included a keynote from Kris Hagel, Director of Digital Learning at Peninsula School District, and several breakout sessions ranging from Ethical AI Use to an open Q&A discussion with Superintendents.

View Session 1 Materials

Session 2: Implementing AI for Administrative Efficiency - January 22, 2024

This second session integrated feedback from participants in our first session. Discussion and presentation room topics included:

  • Breakout Session A: Beginning the AI Guidance/Process (AI Toolkit)
  • Breakout Session B: Effective Prompt Strategies-Enhancing AI Prompts for Optimal Results
  • Breakout Session C: Summarizing and Streamlining Communications with AI
  • Breakout Session D: AI in Action: Practical Applications for Administrators
  • Breakout Session E: Data-Driven Insights: Using School District Analytics with AI
  • Breakout Session F: AI Integration: Engaging Tech Departments

View Session 2 Materials

Session 2 Resources Guide

Session 3: AI Learning Series Session 3: AI in Action - May 20, 2024

This session featured insights from seasoned district and building leaders as well as expert representatives from OSPI and WSSDA. Participants navigated key questions and shared strategies in the pursuit of pioneering educational practices:

  • How have you instructed staff on the use of AI (or how do you plan to)?
  • How has your district supported you in the use of AI?
  • What are the visions and goals moving forward?
  • What are you considering as you are moving forward?

The session concluded with learning about the current and upcoming opportunities available around the state, as well as the opportunity to share needs going forward.

Enroll Now in Statewide AI Innovators Training Opportunities!

AI InnovatorsThe AESD is excited to partner with OSPI, NCCE, and Microsoft to launch an aligned series of AI learning opportunities designed for district trainers and educators looking to integrate AI into teaching practices! Whether you’re looking to enhance your own skills or train others, this course offers a comprehensive journey through the possibilities AI brings to education. This training can either be used to enhance your own learning or used to train your entire staff. These five modules will provide the beginnings for you or your staff.

Broken into five modules, the training begins with the understanding of AI, followed by the application and ethics, prompt engineering and finalizes by having the learner create a resource guide for staff or personal use.

Module 1: Understanding AI

Designed to enhance participants’ awareness and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI). It will delve into specific details to establish a strong foundational understanding of AI operations. Participants will also explore the historical context and implications of AI and its future impact. The primary aim is to emphasize the significance of proficiency in essential AI skills and equipping educators and learners for the digital world that awaits them. Lastly, participants will actively engage in discussions on the importance of human-centered guidance with AI and best practices for integrating AI into educational settings.

Module 2: Exploring AI

Explore the world of generative AI in the classroom. This module will foster discussion on the current state of AI in educational practices, with participants investigating the capabilities of AI to impact teacher productivity and student needs. Participants will also explore the basics of prompt engineering and begin exploring a variety of AI tools to use in their learning design.

Module 3: Utilizing AI

Explore AI through both teacher and student perspectives. Participants will gain skills to elevate their teaching methods and propel student learning by crafting standards-aligned lessons infused with AI. This immersive module equips you with practical insights, impactful tools, and engaging strategies to harness AI’s potential, fostering deeper student understanding and enhancing classroom engagement.

Module 4: Adopting AI

Explore AI by analyzing state standards. Participants will gain skills to elevate their teaching methods and propel student learning by creating standards-aligned activities with AI assistance. This hands-on module gives practice with creating activities that are standard aligned with real-world resources to foster a deeper student understanding and enhancing classroom engagement.

Module 5: Becoming an Innovator for AI

Engage in collaborative exercises to craft a customized AI Resource Guide, targeting school leaders, communities, students, or teachers to enhance understanding and foster engagement. Additionally, the module will give participants time to collaboratively explore innovative ideas, share practical experiences, and ignite discussions on how best to use AI.

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Statewide Summits

AI Innovation Summit - October 2024

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit

District and building leaders and teams are invited to join education partners for the first statewide conference exploring the transformative role of artificial intelligence in Washington State’s K-12 education system! Join one of two Summits: Oct. 16 – 18 in SeaTac or Oct. 17 – 19 in Spokane!

Upcoming Statewide AI Classes

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Additional Learning Opportunities

Navigating AI Integration in Schools

Join us for a series of engaging webinars designed to support educators. Our panelists will share their experiences and insights about how they are integrating AI in schools.

Regional Coordinators

For more information, please contact your regional coordinator or Travis Rush, AESD Education Technology Lead.

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