As we begin this school year, there is a mix of joy and uncertainty with a desire to get back to the comfort and predictability of our classrooms. As educators, we know strong relationships, increased flexibility, and student choice are key tenants in meeting the needs of all learners. Although this can feel challenging, educational leaders across Washington State are currently engaged in changing systems and practices that positively influence all learners through a project focused on inclusive education.

The AESD Inclusionary Practices Project includes 140 school teams working to understand, prioritize, and implement structural and instructional inclusionary practices. The teams who participated in professional learning for inclusive education have shared the beginnings of their journey through video interviews. These voices from the field explain the fundamental need and impact of inclusive education for every student. Teachers, paraeducators, parents, and administrators discuss their purpose and passion for inclusionary practices:

Participating schools teams continue to strengthen tier 1 classroom practices through Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is an approach to lesson design that gives students multiple options and pathways to meet or exceed learning standards.

Visit the AESD Inclusionary Practices Website to learn about the project or to connect with your regional coordinator for personalized support.