Last week students and teachers flooded the Capital Campus to rally in support for full funding for education.  The Seattle Times estimated nearly 6,500 people visited the legislature to support a “Students Bill of Rights” which calls for smaller class size, competitive pay, and significant financial investment in schools.

Items of Interest

  • The House Education Committee held hearings last week on assessment bills which would delink end-of-course exams from graduation requirements.  HB 1012 delinks the biology test and HB 1046 discontinues certificates of academic and individual achievement as graduation requirements.  The committee is scheduled to vote on both proposals this upcoming week.
  • The levy cliff bill, HB 1059, is scheduled for a full vote of the House of Representatives on Monday, 1/23.  Last year the proposal passed the House with a 91 to 7 vote but this year Republicans have expressed concern that passing the bill will provide short term relief for school funding problems but delay the larger funding solution.  However, Rep. JT Wilcox said in a media availability this week that Republican members are fee to vote as they please.  This indicates the House Republic Caucus has not locked up to vote no as they did in the Appropriations Committee.  The Senate has not held a public hearing on the levy cliff proposal.  

  • The House Education Committee has scheduled work sessions addressing the teacher shortage for Monday and Tuesday this week.
  • HB 1341 Changes the duties of the PESB with regards to professional certification for teachers and school administrators- This bill was introduced this week but has not been scheduled for public hearing. 

  • Rep. Lytton introduced a proposal regarding Learning Assistance Program expansion, HB 1511.  It has not yet been scheduled for public hearing.  

This Weeks Schedule

Early Learning & K-12 Education (Senate) – SHR 1, – 1/23 @ 1:30pm

  • SB 5183 – Public Hearing – Concerning career and technical education funding.
  • SB 5155 – Public Hearing – Concerning suspension and expulsion of kindergarten and early elementary school students.

Appropriations (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/23 @ 3:30pm

  • HB 1042 – Public Hearing – Eliminating the office of the insurance commissioner’s school district or educational service district annual report.

Early Learning & K-12 Education (Senate) – SHR 1, – 1/24 @ 1:30pm

  • SB 5117 – Public Hearing – Transitioning military student participation in extracurricular activities.
  • SB 5129 – Public Hearing – Concerning charter school students participating in interschool athletics and extracurricular activities.

 Finance (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/24 @ 3:30pm

  • HB 1344 – Public Hearing – Extending the period for which a bond levy may be increased.

Transportation (Senate) – SHR 1, – 1/24 @ 3:30pm

  •  SB 5054 – Public Hearing – Requiring safety belts in school buses.

Higher Education (House) – HHR D, JLOB – 1/25 @ 1:30pm

  • HB 1293 – Public Hearing – Concerning witnessing a student’s college bound scholarship pledge when efforts to obtain a parent’s or guardian’s signature are unsuccessful.

Education (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/26 @ 8:00am

  • HB 1115 – Public Hearing – Concerning paraeducators.
  • HB 1208 – Public Hearing – Concerning charter school students participating in interschool athletics and extracurricular activities.
  • HB 1012 – Exec Session – Eliminating the use of the high school science assessment as a graduation prerequisite.
  • HB 1023 – Exec Session – Concerning military student participation in varsity extracurricular activities.
  • HB 1046 – Exec Session – Concerning certificates of academic and individual achievement.

 Early Learning & K-12 Education (Senate) – SHR 1, – 1/26 @ 1:30pm

  • SB 5313 – Public Hearing – Concerning the funding of civics education and campaign compliance.

 Judiciary (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/26 @ 1:30pm

  •  HB 1170 – Exec Session – Maintaining and facilitating court-based and school-based efforts to promote attendance and reduce truancy.

Detailed Bill Summary

Download a detailed list of bills concerning education.