In summary each ESD will receive $20,150 to do the work around the grant. This will include the following overall outcomes:

  1. Three statewide convenings of regional ESD CS leaders and the support of OSPI to discuss regional and statewide efforts/partnerships and how best to form a “leadership” PLC within their regions. Share experiences and training, so we can offer support and PL in our regions. Share/develop outcomes and best practices to help coordinate and plan in our regions. During the first meeting the ESD CS leaders will receive share learning around SCRIPT, in order to support its implementations in their regions.
  2. Host regional CS “leadership meetings” or PLCs within each ESD to determine needs to be shared at statewide convenings. Bring together leaders in regional PLCs to share current practices, programs, needs and draw together partners and vendors as resources for these people (2-3 meetings per year, in person and through Zoom)
  3. Develop a cohesive program evaluation that will be used during at CS and Computational Thinking professional learning opportunities.
  4. Continued support with current CS partnerships as well as opportunities to expand or create new partnerships.
  5. Look at CS grant recipients and find ways to support/expand their work.
  6. There will be a priority focus around K-5 integration of Computer Science and Computational Thinking.

If anyone wants to read the entire grant that was approved they can find it at:

Download Climate Science Proviso Summary from OSPI >