Success in life is not accidental: Planning works!

We often hear the phrase, “The best way to prepare for the future is to plan for it.”

Operating from that belief, the AESD Executive Committee recently approved the 2018-2021, AESD Network Strategic Plan with updated mission, vision, and measurable goal statements, all supported by agreed upon foundational Network values.

The mission (purpose) of the AESD Network, “To ensure equity and excellence in education through effective services delivered statewide,” and the vision (desired future), “To inspire and foster equity, opportunity, and results through meaningful support of all school districts,” form the foundational work going forward for the Network.

The three overarching goals identified in the strategic plan:

  1. Develop strategic relationships
  2. Grow the network and provide needed services
  3. “Tell our story” (ESDs are an integral and valuable part of the education ecosystem in Washington) call for the identification of defined activities to accomplish these three goals. Specific and measurable activities are articulated in the strategic plan and provide for plan accountability.

The AESD strategic plan is an essential organization tool as it:

  1. Creates a framework and clearly defined direction that guides and supports the values, mission, vision, and agreed upon goals
  2. Provides a uniform purpose that is shared among all stakeholders
  3. Encourages an increased level of commitment
  4. Establishes the ability to set priorities and to match resources to opportunities
  5. Leads to action
  6. Improves quality of services and provides a means of accountability

The AESD Network Strategic Plan was approved at the November 18 AESD Executive Board meeting. Go to the AESD Network website to view the complete strategic plan.

AESD Executive Committee leadership, ESD superintendents and assistant superintendents, and other key leaders, took an active role in the development of the 2018-2021 AESD Strategic Plan. Regular progress AESD member updates will be an integral part of the accountability and reporting required to maintain the integrity of the planning process and meeting intended outcomes.

Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretsky, when asked the secret of his success commented, “I try to skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” The AESD Network, 2018-2021 strategic plan positions our work to achieve our purpose and desired future in such a way as to prepare, plan, and achieve a highly successful future.

The plan is found on the AESD website: