Last week the House Appropriation’s Committee passed the one year levy cliff day HB 1059  out of committee on a party line vote.  Democrats voted for the proposal and said they wanted to provide as much certainly in budget planning for districts as possible.  All House Republicans on the committee voted no and indicated they would support an extension of the levy lid later in session but were not willing to take pressure off legislators to solve the overall issue of school funding.  We also saw a significant number of bill introduced related to education policy.

Upcoming Events

Education (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/19 @ 8:00am

  • HB 1012 – Public Hearing – Eliminating the use of the high school science assessment as a graduation prerequisite.
  • HB 1046 – Public Hearing – Concerning certificates of academic and individual achievement.

Early Learning & K-12 Education (Senate) – SHR 1, – 1/19 @ 1:30pm

  • SB 5064 – Public Hearing – Concerning freedom of expression rights of students at public schools and institutions of higher education.
  • SB 5107 – Public Hearing – Creating a local pathway for local governments, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to provide more high quality early learning opportunities by reducing barriers and increasing efficiency.
  • SB 5115 – Public Hearing – Concerning school directors’ compensation.
  • SB 5070 – Public Hearing – Concerning paraeducators.

Judiciary (House) – HHR A, JLOB – 1/19 @ 1:30pm

  • HB 1170 – Public Hearing – Maintaining and facilitating court-based and school-based efforts to promote attendance and reduce truancy.

Detailed Bill Summary

Download a detailed list of bills concerning education.