Regional School Safety Centers

Threat Assessment Services

The ESDs provide training and technical assistance for the implementation of School-Based Threat Assessment Programs in their region.

School-based threat assessment teams

Starting with the 2020/21 school year, all LEAs are required to have school-based threat assessment teams in place (RCW 28A.320.123).

To support these efforts, each ESD provides training, resources, and consultation to schools to implement the Salem-Kaiser Threat Assessment System, a preventative, multi-agency/multi-disciplinary, trauma informed protocol that helps schools in addressing situations that may pose a threat of harm and to provide options for intervention. The Model is constructed with an equity lens and is focused on keeping students who are at risk from committing violent acts in school; protecting students and staff from potential violence; and providing student-focused safety plans using community resources to mitigate threats.

The threat assessment process is coordinated by a unique collaborative team that includes community mental health, law enforcement, courts, and juvenile justice, in partnership with the schools.

Statewide Training Opportunities

Regional Threat Assessment Coordinators

For more information, please contact your regional coordinator.

ESD 101

Leon Covington
(509) 789-3609

Alise Mnati
(509) 323-2786

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ESD 105

Chris Weedin
(509) 853-2047

Jacob Milner
(509) 853-1115

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ESD 112

Denise Dishongh
(360) 952-3644

Don Lawry
(360) 953-3336

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ESD 113

ESD 114

ESD 123

Shelby Jensen
(509) 316-6774

DeLeon Gause
(509) 316-1314

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ESD 171

Hunter McCleod
(509) 665-2610

ESD 189

Jodie DesBiens
(360) 299-4010

Erin Wood
(360) 299-4017

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