Regional School Safety Centers

Comprehensive School Safety Services & School Safety/Security Training

The ESDs are available to support LEAs throughout the state in meeting state requirements regarding comprehensive safe schools and emergency operations planning, as outlined in RCW 28A.310.510. In addition, ESDs provide much-needed training and technical assistance for school staff.

Security Staff Training

In 2021, HB 1214 directed the ESDs to develop and administer an annual training “program” for school safety and security staff that meets the requirements outlined in RCW 28A.310.515. This training builds on training that began in some regions in 2019 when initial training requirements for School Resource Officers (SRO) were established (RCW 27A.320.124).

The nine ESDs, united through the AESD, are working closely with OSPI and key stakeholders engaged in the state’s School Safety and Student Well-Being Advisory Committee to refine existing training modules and collaboratively deliver training statewide.

In addition, ESDs are to provide verification of training completion, and develop guidelines for on the job training and check-ins with school safety and security staff. Finally, the ESDs are also engaged in supporting OSPI with data collection required in the bill.

Training Resources

Online training and proof of completion process

Additional in-person and on-demand training opportunities coming soon!

School Security Staff Summit

The annual S5 Summit is designed to help school safety staff meet all training requirements in the state of Washington.
Tentative date & location: June 2022, Yakima Convention Center

For more information

Visit the OSPI Web Site for more information and details about HB 1214 including its background/purpose, training requirements, and anticipated data collection.

Regional Comprehensive Safety Services

For more information, please contact your regional coordinator.

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