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Inclusionary Practices Project School Leadership Teams

The AESD Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) supports coordinated professional learning for school leadership teams. The project’s purpose is to support educators and school leaders with developing and implementing sustainable systems, structures, and practices that support all students with meaningful access and engagement in inclusive learning environments.

140 Leadership Teams Across the State

Leadership teams, consisting of two or more school leaders, from around the state are participating in professional learning based on district/school needs to support:

  • Development of a common vision and philosophy of inclusion
  • Analysis of current practices to identify areas of strength and need
  • Creation of an action plan to improve inclusive education

If any of the above information needs to be updated or corrected, please contact Isabel Callaway.

How it Works

School Leadership Teams are working towards successfully leading the implementation of inclusionary practices in their building by:

  • Scheduling collaboration with their IPP regional coordinator for systems coaching and support with implementation
  • Creating a vision/common commitment statement for inclusionary practices
  • Identifying data for measuring and showing growth related to inclusion
  • Documenting the implementation journey by sharing an action plan, completing a interview, and/or completing a video and be willing to participate in AESD IPP Evaluation Team efforts

Team Support

The IPP Regional Coordinators are supporting their region’s School Leadership Teams with the following services:

  • Curating materials specifically for teams from our AESD IPP 12 modules
  • Providing access to IPP statewide professional learning opportunities, both synchronously or asynchronously for teams.
  • Consulting and/or co-planning around action planning for implementation
  • Networking and connecting with other IPP cadre members or grants that can support teams in improving inclusive practices
  • Providing access to free resources and materials
  • Providing access to AWSP school leader PLCs to network with others committed to this work

Contact Us

For more information, please contact your regional coordinator or Cassie Stevens, Project Director.

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