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The AESD Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) supports coordinated professional learning for school leadership teams. The project’s purpose is to support educators and school leaders with developing and implementing sustainable systems, structures, and practices that support all students with meaningful access and engagement in inclusive learning environments.

AESD/AWSP Partnership Explained

AWSP (Association of Washington School Principals) and AESD (all nine Educational Service Districts working as one) are partnering to serve leaders participating in the Inclusionary Practices Project. The goal of our partnership is to better serve building leaders as they implement systems change and shift beliefs for improved inclusionary practices. Building leaders can engage with AESD and/or AWSP as an integrated approach to improving inclusionary practices.

Our services are intended to support each other, with AESD’s focus on content learning in relation to systems change and AWSP’s focus on leadership learning within cycles of inquiry. As a part of AESD’s 16 hours of commitment to the Inclusionary Practices Project, tools, learning, and participation in AWSP’s offerings could be one of the many ways a school team completes requirements for the project. Our offerings do not supplant one another, but are in support of one another. If you have more questions, please talk to your AESD Inclusionary Practices Coordinator or AWSP’s Associate Directors for clarification.

  AESD Inclusionary Practices Project AWSP Inclusionary Practices Project
January 2021-
June 2021
Professional Development and Implementation Coaching for Building Leadership Teams Professional Development for Building Principals and School Leaders
Audience School leadership teams School leadership teams

Inclusionary practices professional learning through 12 modules, coaching, & action planning for 140 school teams across the state

12 module co-developed with Novak Educational Consulting, experts in Universal Design for Learning

Professional learning series

  • Aspiring School Leaders Network
  • Launching School Leaders Network
  • Building School Leaders Network

On-line classes

  • 101 for Inclusion
  • Dr. Lauren Katzman

Dan Habib Series

  • How to be ‘All In’ as an Inclusive Leader

Shelley Moore Cycles of Learning

  • Leadership for Inclusion
  • 2 cohorts of 20 teams total

Principal Learning Network in each ESD

AESD & AWSP Collaboration Working together to support leaders in learning through professional learning networks, co-designing coaching and support within districts and co-designing resources for leaders and teams to implement learning from modules.

Need additional coaching & targeted support?

Connect with a regional Inclusionary Practices Coordinator to join our project and access the professional learning, coaching, support and mini grant available for up to 140 School Teams!

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