Who is the Board Member that has seen and experienced this expansive history during his 45 years of service?

  • Terms of 9 U.S. Presidents (beginning with the Nixon era)
  • Terms of 8 Governors of the State of Washington (since Dan Evans)
  • Terms of 6 State Superintendents of Public Instruction (since Louis Bruno)
  • The beginning creation of ESDs, which began as 14 “Intermediate School Districts” in 1969. These 14 districts transformed into 12 ESDs in 1972 (the year he became a Board Member), and reduced to 9 ESDs in 1977 (the current structure)
  • Terms of 28 other Olympic ESD Board Members
  • Attendance at most of the 450 ESD Board Meetings and AESD events
  • Travel of approximately 49,500 miles round trip to attend Board Meetings (equivalent to crossing the entire United States 16 ½ times)

When he began his service to ESD 114 in 1972, yes – 45 years ago, Donn Ring and the rest of the Board met at a variety of locations all over the region, including his home town of Port Townsend, where ESD 114 held an office in the Federal Building.  He has witnessed the growth and transformation of the current Olympic ESD 114 (OESD) location in Bremerton, where he still travels monthly to serve the OESD Board.  Over 45 years, Donn has shared his amazing adventures and made countless decisions and contributions that impact not only education in the Olympic Region, but also the entire state.  After conducting some research, it seems Donn Ring is truly the longest serving ESD Board Member in the State of Washington.   Thank you, Donn, for your incredible 45 years of service to education!