August 3-28, 2020

We’re shaping the path ahead! Wherever you are on your distance learning journey, we are here to support you. Washington’s 9 ESDs are proud to partner again with Jeff Utecht (founder of Shifting Schools). Beginning in August and through the fall, we’re offering educators the ReImagine WA Ed 1.0 and 2.0 series to focus on preparing students for their future, not the past.

The August ReImagine WA Ed series has opportunities for those who missed out on “Shifting Schools” this spring (ReImagine 1.0), AND for anyone interested in taking the next step to reimagine education for students across Washington State (ReImagine 2.0). A second offering of the 2.0 series also will be offered in September.

Who should attend ReImagine 1.0?

Suitable for all educators. Join us for ReImagine 1.0, THE BLENDED CLASSROOM, and begin transforming your classroom into a hybrid distance learning model that works for the situation we find ourselves in today. Regardless of your school’s specific schedule, we will focus on learning that works!

Includes 8 sessions, twice a week during August to familiarize yourself with the tools and best practices for distance teaching and learning.

Read more details about what participants can expect to learn from ReImagine 1.0 here.

Register for ReImagine 1.0

Who should attend ReImagine 2.0?

ReImagine 2.0 is the second step to mastering THE BLENDED CLASSROOM. Participants must have attended the 1.0 training before registering for 2.0. With built-in accountability and support, your classroom will become a model of a ReImagined classroom. Lead the way!

Includes 8 sessions, twice a week to build on the knowledge and skills from ReImagine 1.0 and so much more!

Read more details about what participants can expect to learn from ReImagine 2.0 here.

Register for ReImagine 2.0

Cost: $200/person

Both ReImagine 1.0 and 2.0 include 8 virtual sessions (two per week) that will take place between August 3-28, 2020. Look for registration for the next series of ReImagine 2.0 offerings in September coming soon!