The NWESD Deeper Learning Cluster is a network of five school districts and 15 schools that have been working together for the past three years. The network engages in study and collaborative inquiry concerning pedagogical practices that create deeper learning, learning partnerships that engage students with real world examples, learning environments that create deeper learning, and digital technology to accelerate learning.

The Deeper Learning Cluster is committed to the common vision: All students are engaged in a “combination of a deeper understanding of core academic content, an ability to apply that understanding to novel problems and situations, and a range of competencies related to human interaction and self-management.” Learning progressions or rubrics have been created by New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning (NPDL) and teachers work together to create learning experiences for students that incorporate both the content standards and the Deep Learning Progressions, which are Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Character, Citizenship, and Collaboration.

On April 16-17, network members spent two days at Microsoft in Redmond, WA engaging in new learning and collaborating with schools from other states.

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