The Southwest Washington Child Care Consortium (SWCCC) has been named BEST Child CARE Center in Clark County by The Columbian. Serving children and families in our community for the past 25 years, SWCCC is the largest community-run child care system in the United States.

Central to SWCCC’s success is the ability to offer affordable, accessible, quality programs for more than 1,800 infant-through-school-age children. 200 employees offer full-day and before and after school programs to support families by serving children with special needs and offering extended hours for working parents. Key SWCCC components are:

Kindergarten Prep: SWCCC’s kindergarten prep program helps prepare and support children as they transition from pre-school to kindergarten. Staff works to increase children’s reading and math readiness through a portfolio of work. Kindergarten prep teachers prepare a transition summary plan to share with parents and kindergarten teachers.

Early Achievers: Six SWCCC centers participate in Washington Early Achievers, a voluntary program for child care centers designed to help prepare children for success in school. This year’s focus is on rich child/provider interactions, quality improvements for learning environments, and professional development for staff.

School Focus: SWCCC’s school age programs work in partnership with local schools to meet the individual needs of students and support the overall success of the school community. Working with school principals, SWCCC staff address each school’s key areas of focus, whether it is science, literacy, or math, and implement this focus into the daily curriculum.