The new Workers’ Compensation Trust’s Safety & Health channel on YouTube highlights workplace safety ideas and automation that lead to eliminating areas of injury risk to employees. Here’s what we’ve posted so far:

Safety Brake Set (SBS)

Every day, at every stop, school bus drivers must set and release the emergency brake. This act requires 15 to 20 pounds of exertion for each set and release, in some cases, hundreds of times per day. Watch this video to learn about an after-market “toggle switch” that reduces drivers’ risk of injury.

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Compactor Dumpster

Dumpsters help us get rid of trash, but their awkward height places physical demands on employees. This video highlights the use of a compactor-style dumpster, which eliminates the risk of back, shoulder, arm and neck injuries.

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Bus Driver Emergency Evacuation Procedures

State law requires a school bus driver to be able to exit the bus through the rear emergency door from the driver’s seat within 25 seconds. Practicing this maneuver often causes injuries. This video shows a product dubbed “Steps on Wheels” that eliminates the risk of injury during drills and still meets state requirements.

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