Since April 2020, the AESD has designed and delivered statewide professional learning on a broad range of topics and content areas. And in June 2020, the AESD launched LMS Solutions, a comprehensive suite of professional learning opportunities focused on the effective use of technology in instruction. As the work grew, so did the need for a dedicated website to allow easier access for educators to find the courses and resources they are looking for. is a dedicated website for educators to access professional learning courses, resources, and a brand new feature called “Coaching Corner.” The new blog will be a place for LMS coaches to post quick tips, tutorials and dedicated information about the five different learning management systems. We will also share educator success stories and how educators are applying what they’ve learned into their classrooms.

Andrew Hickman, Director of Educational Technology at ESD 113 and LMS Lead, expressed his enthusiasm about the new website: “I am ecstatic for the new website. This will provide educators access to resources, professional learning, and a community for them to grow together across Washington state.”

As the needs of educators grow and change, so will this website, making it a dedicated resource for educators across the state.

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