Would you like to serve on an AESD Accreditation Panel?

Contact your ESD Superintendent for more information about volunteering!

2018 Panel Dates

May 21-May 22
ESD 113 in Tumwater

May 29-May 30
ESD 101 in Spokane


Since the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) first began accrediting schools in 2006, it has refined its process through a partnership with the national Association of Educational Service Agencies. AESD now is the fastest-growing accreditation option in Washington State.


The model is designed to build on existing school improvement work with a focus on a qualitative review of the School Improvement Plan. Schools are assigned a coach to guide the principal/leadership team through the documentation process. After visitation teams perform program/documentation audits and the school responds to any recommendations, the coach completes a final written review and recommendation for AESD Accreditation.

Panel Presentations

The principal presents the school AESD Accreditation process overview to a panel of at least three ESD board members from across Washington State. This Panel makes the final confirmation of accredited status for a six-year period, conditioned on a third-year review where the school shares what has occurred relative to the plan.


Traveling to Tumwater or Spokane for a brief training & school presentations. Confirming accreditation status & providing commendations and recommendations based on adherence to the AESD Accreditation process.

Contact your ESD Superintendent for more information about volunteering!