Streamlining Learning Management System (LMS) Platforms

LMS 101 Series

This series consists of three parts delivered in two formats: “live”, or synchronous sessions, three, 1-hour sessions offered in live zoom sessions at least twice per month; and an “on-demand”, or asynchronous course where educators can take a deeper dive on their own time.

During the LMS 101 series, whether participating “live” or “on-demand”, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to use their selected LMS.
  • Gather ideas for how to develop, organize, and assign classes, materials, activities, assignments, and quizzes/assessments.
  • Investigate resources and begin planning to use their LMS in classrooms.
  • Develop an understanding of LMS best practices during distance/remote and/or in-person learning.
  • Preview parent/student communication reports and access.

Part 1

Part 1 will engage participants in the basics of accessing and navigating select LMS platforms.

Part 2

Part 2 will support participants in selecting and managing content area student materials and resources to engage students using their selected LMS.

Part 3

Part 3 will address how participants can use their LMS for assessment and communication with students and families.

Multiple ways to learn!

Courses are open to all educators. Choose the best option for you, or engage in both.

“Live” 3-part LMS 101 Series

Get up to speed on your LMS in as little as three days!
This 3-day series will be taught “live” by LMS experts with one session per day via Zoom. Sessions are 1-hour each at the same time each day to allow for consistent scheduling. This series can be combined with the on-demand course.

Up to three clock hours will be available to participant who complete all three sessions.

“On-Demand” LMS 101 Course

Learn your district’s LMS at your own pace and schedule!
Participants will experience the same 3-part curriculum as the “live” sessions when taking this online Canvas-based course. They will also have the opportunity to discuss, collaborate & share resources with other educators using the same LMS throughout the course. Office hours will be available for personalized assistance as well.

Six clock hours will be available for participants who complete the course.

Register Now for “Live” Sessions

Click on the dates below to register on pdEnroller. Additional courses will be added twice a month throughout the year. For more information and to access LMS websites and vendor information, click here.

Register Now for “On-Demand” Course

Click on the LMS Platform link below to register on pdEnroller. Courses begin on August 25, 2020 and you can learn at your own pace! For more information and to access LMS websites and vendor information, click here.


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