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March/April 2022 Newsletter

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” – Bill Gates

Visit the AESD Educational Technology website to access multiple resources, tools, and information to support your efforts to develop and implement a more inclusive learning environment at your school around our HB 1365 priority areas below:
  1. Educational Technology Best Practices
  2. Digital Equity and Inclusion
  3. Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship
  4. Cybersecurity and IT Best Practices
  5. Procurement and Fiscal Resource Planning

    EdTech Professional Learning Opportunities:


    2021-2022 AESD Regional Educator Network

    ​March 15 & May 10, 2022
    SIGN UP TODAY and earn clock hours through our online (asynchronous) professional learning network focusing on educational technology best practices guided by the WA Teacher/Principal Evaluation Criteria and OSPI Continuous Learning Themes.
    LMS Solutions

    Selecting a Learning Management System

    ​View information, resources, and recorded courses to learn the basics of each LMS to help you make the right decision for you district/building.

    On Demand EdTech Professional Learning Courses

    Learning to use these five learning management systems (LMS): Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Seesaw, and Schoology. Clock hour courses available through pdEnroller.

    Applying Best Practices Around Video Conferencing

    Learning to use these three video conferencing apps:

    Deep-Dive Courses

    Can be found on our Best Practices for Continuous Learning page. Deep-Dive courses include: Digital Navigation, 1:1 Technology 101, Level Up Your Tech Game, Foundations of Project-based Learning in Distance Learning, and Google Forms.

    OSPI EdTech Grant Support

    Your Regional ESD EdTech Contacts are here to help with your grant writing and implementation needs. Be sure to apply for the HB 1365 OSPI grants:
    1. OSPI Digital Equity and Inclusion Grant
      • Funding allocations: $9.8 million dollars for fiscal year 2021/2022, and $9.8 million for fiscal year 2022/2023
      • Grant focus
        • Support digital learning environments
        • Grow and support 1:1 device programs
        • Provide access to training in inclusionary practices
        • Support English Language Learners and Special Education with adaptive technologies
        • Support students in accessing high-quality learning environments without physical limitations
        • Provide sustainability by creating frameworks, allowing for more staffing and professional development for equity and inclusionary practices
        • OSPI Contact: KC Merchant, Digital Equity & Inclusion Program Supervisor, Email:
    2. OSPI Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship grants. Funding allocation: $60,000 for fiscal year 2021-22 and $60,000 for fiscal year 2022-23.
      • Planning grants are currently available for the remainder of FY 2021-22 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Grant funds can be used to convene stakeholders, identify needs, and review curriculum options in order to apply for a project grant that would be implemented FY 2022-23. The project grant would focus on integration of Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship, or Synthetic Media (aka deepfakes) into classes by adapting curriculum and sharing best practices with a Professional Learning Community.
      • OSPI Contact: Lesley James, Media Literacy & Digital Citizenship Program Supervisor. Email:

    Statewide Procurement Support

    Technology procurement involves providing school districts technical assistance with purchasing and leasing learning devices and peripheral devices, learning management systems, cybersecurity protection, student data privacy, device insurance, and other technology-related goods and services. This work is being done in partnership with OSPI, AESD, and ESDs statewide. ESD 112 has been contracted to lead this work and our procurement support resources can be found on their website.

    National EdTech Resources & Information

    From ISTE = Empowering Digital Citizens With Real-Life Scenarios

    From EdWeek = We Love Virtual Learning: Students, Parents Explain Why

    We are here to support you! Please contact your Regional EdTech staff with questions, suggestions, or professional learning requests.

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